Fix tasty-golden version (maybe needed on travis -- but why?)
[darcs-mirror-arbtt.git] / arbtt.cabal
2014-04-13 Joachim BreitnerFix tasty-golden version (maybe needed on travis -...
2014-04-13 Joachim BreitnerSigh, cabal file redundancy
2014-04-13 Joachim BreitnerExperimentally allows base-4.7
2014-01-30 Joachim BreitnerFix build depends syntax
2014-01-30 Joachim BreitnerDo not use getLazyByteString, semantics change in binar...
2014-01-25 Joachim BreitnerDebug test failures: Try restricting the version of...
2014-01-25 Joachim BreitnerUse Haskell98 (its what I seem to be using, after all)
2014-01-25 Joachim BreitnerFix cabal file
2014-01-25 Joachim BreitnerRequire cabal version 1.10
2014-01-25 Joachim BreitnerFix parsing of ..;..;..;
2014-01-25 Joachim BreitnerStart creating a test suite, migrate old tests
2013-12-30 Joachim BreitnerREADME is now
2013-11-05 Joachim BreitnerTravis confirms: We compile on GHC 7.4 or later
2013-11-05 Joachim BreitnerFix cabal syntax
2013-11-05 Joachim BreitnerTemporarily relax base dependency, for travis testing
2013-11-05 Joachim BreitnerThis will need containers == 0.5
2013-06-25 Joachim BreitnerAdd homepage field to cabal file
2013-06-20 Joachim BreitnerBump version number
2013-06-20 Joachim BreitnerImplement arbtt-dump --last
2013-06-20 Joachim BreitnerImplement JSON dump
2013-06-20 Joachim BreitnerIntroduce --format flag for arbtt-dump
2013-01-19 Joachim BreitnerBump copyright
2013-01-19 Joachim BreitnerAdd TermSize, use it for the progress bars
2012-12-30 Isaac DupreeFix build with base 4.6 (GHC 7.6)
2012-11-15 Joachim BreitnerMerge bugfix release
2012-11-15 Joachim BreitnerForgot to add LeftFold to .cabal file
2012-10-02 Joachim BreitnerPass TimeZone already at parse time
2012-09-28 Joachim BreitnerShow a progress bar in arbtt-stats
2012-09-28 Joachim BreitnerBump version and add changelog
2012-09-27 Joachim BreitnerConstant memory processing in arbtt-stats, thanks to...
2012-09-16 Joachim BreitnerEnsure time >= 1.4
2012-09-15 Joachim BreitnerBump version and add changelog
2012-09-15 Joachim BreitnerForgot to record version bump
2012-03-29 Joachim BreitnerGHC 7.4 compatibility
2012-02-26 Joachim BreitnerUse -rtsopts
2011-06-15 Joachim BreitnerBump version number 0_6_1
2011-06-15 Joachim BreitnerUse parsec 3
2010-06-12 Joachim BreitnerUse deepseq to read data before processing
2010-06-03 Joachim BreitnerBump version number 0_6
2010-03-21 Joachim BreitnerBump version number to 0.5
2010-03-21 Joachim BreitnerCustom newtype for UTF8-Encoded bytestring
2010-03-21 Joachim BreitnerUse Data.Text
2010-03-20 Sergey AstaninFormat calendar dates (format $date) as ISO 8601.
2010-03-20 Joachim BreitnerAdd Text.PCRE.Light.String to cabal
2010-03-20 Joachim BreitnerAdd new binary: arbtt-import
2010-03-20 Joachim BreitnerRefer to Text.ParserCombinators.Parsec.ExprFail in...
2010-02-28 Joachim BreitnerInclude CommonStartup in .cabal file 0_4_5_1
2010-02-28 Joachim BreitnerBump version number
2010-02-28 Joachim BreitnerNew TimeLogEntry format, with backwards string reference
2009-12-24 Joachim BreitnerWin32: Create Inno Setup file
2009-12-24 Joachim BreitnerWin32: Build arbtt-capture as a non-console programm
2009-12-24 Joachim BreitnerImplement locking on Windows
2009-12-24 Joachim BreitnerMention usage of psapi.dll
2009-12-23 Joachim BreitnerPrepare CPP and cabal magic for portability
2009-12-23 Joachim BreitnerMove X11 code to Capture.X11
2009-12-04 Joachim BreitnerBump version number
2009-11-18 Joachim BreitnerBump version number and document changes 0_4_3
2009-10-29 Joachim BreitnerBump version number 0_4_2
2009-10-29 Joachim BreitnerInclude documentation in source tarball
2009-10-28 Joachim BreitnerAdd command arbtt-recover
2009-10-27 Joachim BreitnerBump version number 0_4_1
2009-10-27 Joachim BreitnerDrop tabular dependency
2009-10-27 Joachim BreitnerUse inlined SetLocale module
2009-10-08 Joachim BreitnerBump version number 0_4
2009-10-04 Joachim BreitnerBump version number 0_3_0
2009-10-04 Joachim BreitnerAdd arbtt-dump program
2009-10-04 Joachim BreitnerSwitch to binary log file format
2009-10-03 Joachim BreitnerBump version number 0_2_0
2009-10-03 Joachim BreitnerRelease 0.1.5
2009-09-28 Joachim BreitnerUse setlocale to get umlauts in window titles correctly
2009-09-28 Joachim BreitnerBump version number 0_1_4
2009-09-16 Joachim BreitnerBump version number 0_1_3
2009-09-14 Joachim BreitnerBump version number to 0.1.2 0_1_2
2009-09-13 Joachim BreitnerFix category 0_1_1
2009-09-13 Joachim BreitnerBump version number to 0.1.1
2009-09-13 Joachim BreitnerRename main .hs files to avoid name clash on MacOS
2009-09-13 Joachim BreitnerDarcs repo in cabal file 0_1
2009-09-13 Joachim BreitnerInitial check-in