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[darcs-mirror-arbtt.git] / categorize.cfg
2014-09-03 gwernexample categorize.cfg: add local variable to set emacs...
2014-01-01 Joachim BreitnerMake $desktop available
2013-05-11 Waldir PimentaFix syntax of example categorize.cfg file
2013-05-11 Waldir PimentaUse spaces for alignment
2013-05-11 Waldir PimentaDocument comment syntax in the example .cfg file
2013-05-11 Waldir PimentaConvert whitespace in categorize.cfg's aliases
2012-10-02 Joachim BreitnerSupport for date literals
2012-10-02 Joachim BreitnerWarn about format speed
2012-09-15 Joachim BreitnerSupport for list of regular expressions
2012-09-15 Joachim BreitnerSupport comparing against a list of strings
2012-02-26 Joachim BreitnerExtend ./categorize.cfg a bit
2011-06-15 Joachim BreitnerPersonal changes to ./categorize.cfg
2010-05-02 Joachim BreitnerAdjust my categorize, special-casing output.pdf
2010-03-21 Sergey AstaninUpdated categorize.cfg example (calendar functions...
2009-12-23 Joachim BreitnerExtend example ./categorize.cfg
2009-10-08 Joachim BreitnerMore examples in categorize.cfg
2009-10-05 Joachim BreitnerRecover time based taggin in example categorize.cfg
2009-10-04 Joachim BreitnerSwitch to binary log file format
2009-10-03 Joachim BreitnerExample for sampleage variable
2009-10-03 Joachim BreitnerExample tags for time-of-day matching
2009-09-13 Joachim BreitnerInitial check-in