Include platform_2011_2_0_1 and update darcs URL
[darcs-mirror-hpvt.git] / Main.hs
2011-09-14 Joachim BreitnerInclude platform_2011_2_0_1 and update darcs URL
2011-06-15 Joachim BreitnerAlso track wheezy
2011-02-09 Joachim BreitnerReenable tracking Darcs, make unstable track darcs
2010-10-09 Joachim BreitnerGenerate platform version comparision page
2010-10-09 Joachim BreitnerAdd code name to Debian URLs
2010-10-09 Joachim BreitnerAlso print Statistics for Squeeze
2009-09-08 Joachim BreitnerAdjust some code to newer APIs
2009-09-08 Joachim BreitnerMatch possible cabal names against list of known names
2007-10-07 mailAdd current time to html page
2007-10-05 mailInitial import at Hackathon 2007