Squeeze now follows haskell-platform-2011.4.0.0
[darcs-mirror-hpvt.git] / runhpvt.sh
2011-12-22 Joachim BreitnerSqueeze now follows haskell-platform-2011.4.0.0
2011-09-14 Joachim BreitnerInclude platform_2011_2_0_1 and update darcs URL
2011-06-15 Joachim BreitnerWork around static linking issue for ravel (people...
2011-06-15 Joachim BreitnerAlso track wheezy
2011-03-09 Joachim BreitnerUse galois repo (is it more official?)
2010-10-09 Joachim BreitnerGenerate platform version comparision page
2010-10-09 Joachim BreitnerAlso print Statistics for Squeeze
2007-10-07 mailScript to fetch lists and run the script, indented...