2008-10-17 Joachim BreitnerTerm2Expr
2008-10-17 Joachim BreitnerLast fixes
2008-10-17 Joachim BreitnerMore rules
2008-10-17 Joachim BreitnerCorrectly insert terms even with scoping (I hope)
2008-10-17 Joachim BreitnerandEither resolution
2008-10-17 Joachim BreitnerEither conversion, mapEither evaluation
2008-10-17 Joachim BreitnerBefore Lambda untyping
2008-10-17 Joachim BreitnerConvert Daniels Term to my Expr, and insert into theorem
2008-10-16 Joachim BreitnerCabalize
2008-10-16 Joachim BreitnerRemove TypSamples
2008-10-16 Joachim BreitnerSmall adjustment, forgotten patterns
2008-10-15 Joachim BreitnerDocument custom functions
2008-10-15 Joachim BreitnerBe more explicit about strict functions
2008-10-15 Joachim BreitnerRename to PolyFix
2008-10-15 Joachim BreitnerSpecializing to units
2008-10-15 Joachim BreitnerAdjust CGI output text
2008-10-15 Joachim BreitnerName vars corresponding to daniels output, identify...
2008-10-15 Joachim BreitnerIntegrate free-therem in cgi script
2008-10-15 Joachim BreitnerCGI script
2008-10-15 Joachim BreitnerAdd nice getComplete' function
2008-10-15 Joachim BreitnerDaniels Code
2008-10-15 Joachim BreitnerEither handling
2008-10-15 Joachim BreitnerEither support
2008-10-15 Joachim BreitnerType signatures
2008-10-14 Joachim BreitnerOptimize untupling lets
2008-10-14 Joachim BreitnerEta-Reduction
2008-10-14 Joachim Breitnerquantify variables on their own
2008-10-14 Joachim BreitnerSeparate substitution finder and definition finder
2008-10-14 Joachim BreitnerDeep Definition removal
2008-10-14 Joachim BreitnerDo not assign "f"
2008-10-14 Joachim BreitnerRemove obsolete functions (as top levels)
2008-10-14 Joachim Breitnerunused untyped exprs
2008-10-14 Joachim BreitnerAnd as list
2008-10-14 Joachim BreitnerLarge refactor: Use TypedExpr data type
2008-10-14 Joachim BreitnerCarry types with functions
2008-10-14 Joachim Breitnercomments
2008-10-14 Joachim BreitnerDeep tuple pattern generation
2008-10-14 Joachim BreitnerPairwise -> allZipWith
2008-10-14 Joachim BreitnerIndentation, proper braces with arrowInstType
2008-10-14 Joachim BreitnerShowing with types
2008-10-13 Joachim BreitnerAllStar handling
2008-10-13 Joachim BreitnerCatch empty lambda in map
2008-10-13 Joachim BreitnerInitial check in