2007-06-19 mailEnd program upon destory (Closes: 428893)
2007-06-19 mailFix colors to black/white independent of the theme
2007-06-14 mailRename to screen-message UPSTREAM_screen-message_0_5
2007-06-14 mailV 0.4 UPSTREAM_sm_0_4
2007-06-14 mailmake darcs dist do the right thing (best called as...
2007-06-14 mailautomakeize
2007-06-14 lunarAvoid pango warnings by setting font family to "sans... UPSTREAM_sm_0_3
2007-06-14 lunarDo not export unnecessary symbols.
2007-06-14 mailNicer manpage UPSTREAM_sm_0_2
2007-06-14 mailImported sm UPSTREAM_sm_0_1