2012-08-14 Ian LynaghMake .t files when running haddock
2012-08-13 Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2012-08-13 Erik de Castro... Fix GHCi segfault during startup on linux-powerpc ...
2012-08-13 Paolo CapriottiFix environment update for type instance declarations...
2012-08-13 Joachim BreitnerGive suggestions for unrecognised command line arguments
2012-08-13 Paolo CapriottiRespect verbosity for "flags changed" message (#7139)
2012-08-13 Paolo CapriottiFix ambiguous flag resolution (#7138)
2012-08-13 Austin SeippUpdate 'unboxed tuples' section of users guide.
2012-08-13 Austin SeippDon't pass -Wimplicit to the C++ compiler.
2012-08-12 Ian LynaghUse the right arch name in the Windows installer filename
2012-08-10 Ian LynaghFollow RTS symbol changes in Linker.c
2012-08-10 Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2012-08-10 Ian LynaghAlways define startProfTimer and stopProfTimer
2012-08-09 Simon MarlowFix build failure on OS X (#7119)
2012-08-09 Simon MarlowRemove uses of fixC from the codeGen, and make the...
2012-08-09 Simon MarlowOnly run the second round of control-flow optimisations...
2012-08-09 Simon Marlowa couple of small optimisations
2012-08-09 Erik de Castro... Add cast to placate gcc 4.6 on linux-powerpc (#7113).
2012-08-08 Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2012-08-08 Ian LynaghSet the value of Unregisterised in the bindist
2012-08-08 Gabor PaliAdd missing flag for respecting EXTRA_LIBDIR
2012-08-07 Simon Marlowfix warning
2012-08-07 Simon MarlowFix a bug in the handling of recent_activity
2012-08-07 Simon MarlowmaybeInvertComparison: remove floating-point comparisons
2012-08-07 Simon MarlowentryHeapCheck: fix calls to stg_gc_fun and stg_gc_enter_1
2012-08-07 Simon MarlowSmall optimisation
2012-08-07 Simon Marlowfix a warning
2012-08-07 Simon MarlowEliminate "r = r" in mkAssign
2012-08-07 Simon MarlowNode calling convs should use R1 even if it isn't a...
2012-08-07 Simon MarlowAdd missing cases in hand-coded instance Eq GlobalReg
2012-08-07 Simon Marlowfix maybeSaveCostCentre: cases were reversed
2012-08-07 Simon MarlowFix update frames for profiling
2012-08-07 Simon MarlowCleanup and fixes to profiling
2012-08-07 Simon MarlowA closure with void args only should be a function...
2012-08-07 Simon MarlowMake lint check for undefined variables in Cmm
2012-08-07 Simon MarlowGenerate one fewer temps per heap allocation
2012-08-07 Simon Marlowsmall cleanup
2012-08-07 Ian LynaghDefine callerSaves for all platforms
2012-08-07 Ian LynaghAdd "Unregisterised" as a field in the settings file
2012-08-06 Ian LynaghMake tablesNextToCode "dynamic"
2012-08-06 Ian LynaghStart separating out the RTS and Haskell imports of...
2012-08-06 Ian LynaghDon't define STOLEN_X86_REGS in Cmm.h
2012-08-06 Simon Marlowfix warning
2012-08-06 Simon Marlowcomment
2012-08-06 Simon MarlowMO_F_Mul and MO_F_Add are commutative
2012-08-06 Simon MarlowFix two bugs in the sinker.
2012-08-06 Simon MarlowContinue by jumping to the top-of-stack after a safe...
2012-08-06 Simon MarlowForeign calls may clobber caller-saves registers
2012-08-06 Simon MarlowUse "ReturnedTo" when generating safe foreign calls
2012-08-06 Simon MarlowAdd a comment to explain why the FCode monad is lazy
2012-08-06 Simon Marlowfinish a comment
2012-08-05 Ian LynaghDefine LdCmd in the bindist
2012-08-05 Ian LynaghWhitespace only in UniqFM
2012-08-05 Ian LynaghMore more ld-related settings into the settings file
2012-08-05 Ian LynaghImprove some code layout in SysTools
2012-08-05 Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2012-08-05 Ian LynaghRemove pprDefiniteTrace
2012-08-05 Ian LynaghRename trace_dump to dump
2012-08-05 Ian LynaghWhitespace only in compiler/simplCore/Simplify.lhs
2012-08-05 Ian LynaghBuild fix
2012-08-05 Ian LynaghRemove LD_X; it's no longer used
2012-08-05 Ian LynaghMove linker flags into the settings file; fixes #4862
2012-08-05 Ian LynaghConvert prefix uses of (<>) to infix <>
2012-08-05 Paolo CapriottiRemove an unsafe use of head (#7118)
2012-08-05 Ian LynaghDe-orphan the Outputable Fingerprint instance
2012-08-05 Ian LynaghRemove another unnecessary Platform argument
2012-08-05 Ian LynaghWhitespace only in utils/Outputable.lhs
2012-08-05 Ian LynaghWhitespace only in hsSyn/HsSyn.lhs
2012-08-05 Ian LynaghDe-orphan the Outputable Char instance
2012-08-05 Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2012-08-03 Paolo CapriottiFix references to repositories in the user guide
2012-08-02 Simon Marlowcomments and refactoring
2012-08-02 Simon MarlowFloutOut.wrapTick: don't forget to tick the args of...
2012-08-02 Simon Marlowapplying simonpj's fix from #7022 (with 80-col reformat...
2012-08-02 Simon Marlowcomment wibble
2012-08-02 Simon Marlowfix a bug in the inliner
2012-08-02 Simon MarlowEliminate "r = r" assignments.
2012-08-02 Simon MarlowNo need to do removeDeadAssignments, just do cmmLivenes...
2012-08-02 Simon MarlowDisable the mini-inliner when using the new codegen
2012-08-02 Simon MarlowImprove accuracy of memory conflict tracking
2012-08-02 Simon MarlowInline into the last node
2012-08-02 Simon MarlowCode reformatting
2012-08-02 Simon Marlowadd a sinking pass before stack layout (currently disabled)
2012-08-02 Simon MarlowDon't shortcut call-returns when not splitting proc...
2012-08-02 Simon MarlowExplicitly share some return continuations
2012-07-31 Simon MarlowImprove code generated when real registers are clobbered
2012-07-31 Simon MarlowFix #7087 (integer overflow in getDelayTarget())
2012-07-31 Erik de Castro... Fix compile on linux-powerpc64. (#7084).
2012-07-30 Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2012-07-30 Simon Marlowfix haddock parse error
2012-07-30 Simon Marlowfix warnings
2012-07-30 Simon Marlowfix merge bugs
2012-07-30 Simon Marlowbug fix for control-flow optimisation
2012-07-30 Simon Marlowbug fixes for the sinker
2012-07-30 Simon Marlowno need to removeUnreachableBlocks
2012-07-30 Simon MarlowSmall optimisation to the code generated for CAFs
2012-07-30 Simon Marlowoptimise away some unnecessary stack checks
2012-07-30 Simon MarlowNew codegen: do not split proc-points when using the NCG
2012-07-30 Simon MarlowMerge sinking and inlining to get better results.
2012-07-30 Simon MarlowFixes for the stack layout algorithm to handle join...