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[gipeda.git] / gipeda.cabal
2015-08-04 Dan Burtonbump upper bound on "extra" package
2015-08-04 Joachim BreitnerTypo
2015-07-14 Joachim BreitnerTry to allow vector-0.11
2015-06-25 Stephan RenatusNit-picking project description
2015-06-24 Joachim BreitnerBump version 0.1.2
2015-06-24 Joachim BreitnerBump dependency on extra
2015-06-24 Joachim BreitnerHave a flag to support Debian's version of gitlib
2015-06-23 Joachim BreitnerBump version 0.1.1
2015-06-09 Joachim BreitnerMerge pull request #10 from bitonic/master
2015-06-08 Francesco MazzoliRelax extra constraint.
2015-05-31 Joachim BreitnerInclude tags in latest-summaries.json and display them
2015-05-29 Joachim BreitnerMerge branch 'master' of
2015-05-29 Joachim BreitnerBuild site/out/graph-summaries.json
2015-05-26 Joachim BreitnerMerge pull request #9 from dmalikov/master
2015-05-26 Dmitry Malikovs/Gitpeda/Gipeda/g
2015-05-26 Joachim Breitnertext-1.2.1 compat module
2015-05-26 Joachim BreitnerAllow aeson 0.9
2015-05-17 Joachim BreitnerWork around
2015-05-10 Joachim BreitnerAdd version bounds
2015-05-04 Joachim BreitnerCreate a Gitlib based Git interface for shake
2015-05-04 Joachim BreitnerMerge branch 'patch-1' of
2015-03-27 Joachim BreitnerBump version to
2015-03-27 Joachim BreitnerAllow shake-0.15
2015-03-27 Michael SnoymanFix source location
2015-03-18 Joachim BreitnerAllow filepath-1.4
2015-02-10 Joachim BreitnerFix URL of GHC installation
2015-01-19 Joachim BreitnerImprove Cabal description syntax
2015-01-19 Joachim BreitnerDo not support 7.4.2 0.1
2015-01-19 Joachim BreitnerAlso depend on ghc-prim
2015-01-19 Joachim BreitnerRemove extensions from .cabal file
2015-01-19 Joachim BreitnerAdd other-modules
2015-01-19 Joachim BreitnerExperiment with dependency ranges
2015-01-19 Joachim BreitnerFormat build-depends
2015-01-19 Joachim BreitnerBeef up cabal file
2015-01-19 Joachim BreitnerPut more files in cabal tarball
2015-01-19 Joachim BreitnerExtend version range
2015-01-15 Joachim BreitnerMerge pull request #1 from tuncer/cabal
2015-01-15 Tuncer AyazAdd cabal config