2010-02-02 absgit-svn-id: svn://
2010-02-02 apgdebian changes
2010-01-20 apgwindows-specific fix for selineedit behaviour
2010-01-20 apgfixed discard of lineedit contents on mouse-wheel event...
2010-01-19 apgfixed AUTHORS upstream/0.svn235
2010-01-15 kondorAUTHORS file added
2010-01-14 apgqtsingleapplication moved to 3rd
2010-01-14 apgqtsingleapplication moved to 3rd
2010-01-11 apgfixed plaineditor behavior for write errors
2009-11-05 apgrestored cfg package functionality; ECS combo is prefer...
2009-11-03 apgrestored cfg_check
2009-11-02 apgfixed /Lib -> /lib in pyplugin to make it work on both...
2009-10-29 apgdocument menu layout fixes
2009-10-29 absfixed serna dll (serna42->serna43)
2009-10-27 absfixed linux build
2009-10-14 korolevmacorrected processing of the <p> element
2009-10-13 korolevmacorrected titles processing in resolve-mode
2009-10-12 absmodified qt build to include q3 sql support (2)
2009-10-12 absmodified qt build to include q3 sql support
2009-10-12 apgfixed help assistant error diagnostics
2009-10-09 korolevmacorrected
2009-10-09 korolevmacorrected
2009-10-09 korolevmacorrected
2009-10-08 absfixed windows pkg name (#9601)
2009-10-07 tanyaremoved images
2009-10-07 apgmake about dialog change macos-specific
2009-10-07 absmacos fix for about dialog
2009-10-07 korolevmacorrected
2009-10-07 korolevmaui corrected
2009-10-06 korolevmacorrected publishing
2009-10-06 korolevmacorrected
2009-10-05 korolevmacorrected
2009-10-05 absfixed typo in registration dialog (trunk)
2009-10-05 korolevmacorrected
2009-10-05 apgfix for plugins with debug build on win
2009-10-02 korolevmacorrected
2009-10-02 tanyacorrected Elements&Attributes topics
2009-10-02 korolevmacorrected
2009-10-02 korolevmacorrected transformers registration
2009-10-01 apgabout dialog fix
2009-10-01 absfixed manifest for documentation and missing dita files
2009-10-01 korolevmaadded resume publishing plugin
2009-09-30 tanyacorrected
2009-09-29 korolevmaadded publishing
2009-09-29 apgwindow title and about dialog fixes
2009-09-29 korolevmacorrected
2009-09-29 korolevmacorrected java home for macosx
2009-09-29 apgremoved EULA dialog
2009-09-28 apgremoved extra files; Serna Enterprise devel
2009-09-25 apgfixes for serna ent
2009-09-24 tanyacorrected Working with Documents topics
2009-09-22 absexport only _init_serna_plugin from plugin shared lib...
2009-09-22 absdon't add .xml files to help file (#9762)
2009-09-22 alexfixed assistant start on win32 (#9717)
2009-09-21 tanyaadded auto spell-check info
2009-09-18 apgadjusted fonts for mac
2009-09-18 apgfixed issue with python sys.path and multiple plugin...
2009-09-18 tanyareusing table topics in enterprise documentation
2009-09-18 abschanged default qthelp url
2009-09-18 apgfixed problem with fat docked tools; fixed non-existent...
2009-09-18 tanyacorrected
2009-09-17 tanyaadded working with tables topics
2009-09-17 apgmerged online spellcheck and validator fixes
2009-09-16 apgdisabled editable maps by default
2009-09-16 apgfixed in-line comobox issue on win
2009-09-15 tanyaadded topic about inserting tables
2009-09-15 apgfixes with plugin loading
2009-09-15 alexfixed default install dir for tgz uninstall script...
2009-09-15 apgfixed double-attr bug
2009-09-15 absfixed help assistant invocation on darwin (and merged... upstream/0.svn139
2009-09-14 tanyaminor correction
2009-09-14 tanyaadded undo-redo depth property
2009-09-14 absfixed python loading on darwin (#9715)
2009-09-14 alexfixed tgz install dir, missing document submenu separat...
2009-09-14 absfixed antlr build on darwin
2009-09-14 tanyacorrected image placement
2009-09-03 tanyacorrected note about DITA usability tools
2009-09-01 kondorPlatform sending added; Information about linux distrib...
2009-08-31 absmerged fixes from release-4-2 (122:125)
2009-08-31 absfixed unix install, python
2009-08-30 absfixed doc manifest
2009-08-28 tanyaserna free docs correction; reusing in sena enterprise...
2009-08-28 absfixed pyqt
2009-08-28 sidnvcorrected link to 3rd-party packages download page...
2009-08-28 abswin32 pyqt, linux rpm build fixes
2009-08-27 absfixes for mac
2009-08-27 absfixed pyqt install
2009-08-27 absfixed manifest for translations
2009-08-27 absfixed pyqt sip flags
2009-08-27 absfixed java, libxml2 packages
2009-08-27 alexfixed INSTALL (java packages)
2009-08-27 apgimporoved appearance of about dialog
2009-08-27 apgadded missed headers to manifest
2009-08-27 apggit-svn-id: svn://
2009-08-27 apggit-svn-id: svn://
2009-08-26 tanyaserna help conrefs
2009-08-26 absupdated INSTALL file for newer versions of 3rd packages...
2009-08-26 absfixed erroneously removed translations
2009-08-26 absfixed crash on opensuse build
2009-08-26 apgadded QtNetwork dependency for qtcore