Make vte dual buildable with gtk2 and gtk3
[vte.git] / src /
2010-06-12 Christian PerschMake vte dual buildable with gtk2 and gtk3
2010-05-14 Behdad EsfahbodRevert "Disable introspection dist"
2010-05-04 Behdad EsfahbodDisable introspection dist
2010-03-30 Christian PerschAlso generate type builtins from vtedeprecated.h
2010-03-24 Christian PerschMove deprecated stuff out of vte.h
2010-03-17 Christian PerschAdd introspection
2010-03-17 Christian PerschRemove removed pty test
2010-03-17 Christian PerschAdd VtePty and adapt the VteTerminal APIs to it
2010-01-13 Behdad EsfahbodInitial implementation of vte_terminal_write_contents()
2010-01-06 Kristian HøgsbergMerge branch 'backend-cleanup'
2009-12-23 Kristian HøgsbergMerge vtepangocairo.c into vtedraw.c
2009-12-23 Kristian HøgsbergDrop struct _vte_draw_impl
2009-09-16 Behdad Esfahbod[stream] Add file stream
2009-09-16 Behdad Esfahbod[stream] Start vte stream design
2009-09-16 Behdad Esfahbod[ring] Move VteRowData into its own file
2009-08-27 Behdad EsfahbodRemove ring from test programs
2009-08-25 Behdad EsfahbodRemove G_DISABLE_ASSERT
2009-08-20 Behdad EsfahbodUse GByteArray for VteBuffer
2009-08-20 Behdad EsfahbodRemove unused code
2009-08-17 Behdad EsfahbodRemove newline after AM_V_GEN
2009-08-16 Christian PerschSupport AM_SILENT_RULES
2009-04-18 Behdad EsfahbodAdd
2008-12-12 Behdad EsfahbodBug 149631 – gnome-terminal doesn't combine combining...
2008-12-05 Behdad EsfahbodMore build fixes
2008-12-02 Behdad EsfahbodCopy tests from cairo and fix doc...
2008-12-01 Behdad EsfahbodRemove gperf-generated files from SVN, but still distri...
2008-12-01 Behdad EsfahbodRemove vteseq-list.h from SVN, but still distribute...
2008-12-01 Behdad EsfahbodAutogenerate vteseq-list.h.
2008-12-01 Behdad EsfahbodMove _vte_terminal_handle_sequence() into vteseq.c
2008-11-27 Behdad Esfahbodoops
2008-11-27 Behdad EsfahbodMore cleanup.
2008-11-27 Behdad EsfahbodRun some of the utilities in "make check", and build...
2008-11-27 Behdad EsfahbodRemove useless trivial utilities.
2008-11-27 Behdad EsfahbodUpdate EXTRA_DIST.
2008-11-26 Behdad EsfahbodDon't use switch in gperf-generated code. This increase...
2008-11-26 Behdad EsfahbodRevert previous commit, fix NULL dereference that it...
2008-11-26 Chris WilsonManually modify (and record those modifications in...
2008-11-25 Behdad EsfahbodCleanup gperf stuff.
2008-11-24 Behdad EsfahbodBug 562187 – Add make rules for calling gperf
2008-11-24 Behdad EsfahbodBug 500191 – Remove vteseq-table.h?
2008-11-22 Christian PerschSeparate CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS.
2008-11-22 Christian PerschDon't add LDFLAGS to *_LDADD, that's wrong and broken.
2008-11-22 Christian PerschRemove more configure cruft: OTHERLIBS/CFLAGS and X_LIB...
2008-11-21 Chris WilsonCommit the right this time!
2008-11-20 Behdad EsfahbodBug 560819 – Remove obsolete backends
2008-11-20 Behdad EsfahbodBug 560819 – Remove obsolete backends
2008-11-20 Behdad EsfahbodBug 560819 – Remove obsolete backends
2008-11-14 Behdad EsfahbodBug 395599 – Add pangocairo backend
2008-10-23 Christian PerschUse glib-genmarshal --internal directly instead of...
2008-10-13 Christian PerschFix missing prorotypes compiler warning in marshal.c.
2008-06-26 Christian PerschUse glib-mkenums to generate the enum types.
2008-06-24 Christian PerschBug 535468 – need version check macros
2007-06-21 Christian PerschMove libtool versioning to configure so you just have...
2007-06-18 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.16.6. vte_0_16_6
2007-06-04 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.16.5. vte_0_16_5
2007-05-28 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.16.4. vte_0_16_4
2007-04-27 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.16.3. vte_0_16_3
2007-04-23 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.16.2. vte_0_16_2
2007-04-09 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.16.1. vte_1_16_1
2007-03-12 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.16.0. vte_0_16_0
2007-03-01 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.15.6. vte_0_15_6
2007-02-27 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.15.5. vte_0_15_5
2007-02-26 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.15.4. vte_0_15_4
2007-02-22 Chris WilsonBug 410986 – Fails to build with -z defs Patch by Loïc...
2007-02-19 Chris WilsonA few more trivial incremental improvements.
2007-02-13 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.15.3. vte_0_15_3
2007-01-31 Chris WilsonUse gperf to calculate a more optimal vte_sequence_get_...
2007-01-29 Chris WilsonDetect availability of PCRE.
2007-01-23 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.15.2. vte_0_15_2
2007-01-22 Chris WilsonHack'n'slash my way through doing a bit of weeding.
2007-01-19 Chris WilsonMissing $(X_CFLAGS)
2007-01-18 Behdad EsfahbodDon't call AC_CANONICAL_HOST. Libtool calls it already.
2007-01-09 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.15.1. vte_0_15_1
2006-12-05 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.15.0. vte_0_15_0
2006-10-02 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.14.1. vte_0_14_1
2006-09-18 Ryan LortieBug 356616 – libvte broken with new autotools
2006-09-08 Behdad EsfahbodDefine G_LOG_DOMAIN=Vte.
2006-09-04 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.14.0. vte_0_14_0
2006-08-24 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.13.7.
2006-08-21 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.13.6. vte_0_13_6
2006-07-31 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.13.5. vte_0_13_5
2006-07-24 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.13.4. vte_0_13_4
2006-07-11 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.13.3. vte_0_13_3
2006-07-05 Behdad EsfahbodAllow _vte_debug_.* into exported symbols.
2006-06-21 Behdad EsfahbodBug 345514 – -no-undefined doesn't work with latest...
2006-06-12 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.13.2. vte_0_13_2
2006-06-12 Behdad EsfahbodBug 344666 – Problems with *_CFLAGS and *_LDFLAGS in...
2006-05-17 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.13.1. vte_0_13_1
2006-04-28 Behdad EsfahbodBug 339980 – nativeecho needs glib in LDADD to build...
2006-04-25 Behdad EsfahbodPass -no-undefined linker flag.
2006-04-23 Behdad EsfahbodReleased vte-0.13.0. vte_0_13_0
2006-04-22 Behdad EsfahbodBug 330441 – Remove libzvt support Patch from Guilherme...
2006-04-18 Behdad EsfahbodBug 337442 – [patch] Reduce .plt section
2006-02-11 Behdad EsfahbodUpdate the build infrastructure. make distcheck works...
2006-02-10 Behdad EsfahbodRemoved the huge sequence handler table. Changed to...
2006-02-10 Behdad EsfahbodMoved all sequence handler codes into a separate file.
2006-01-28 Guilherme de S.... add -DG_DISABLE_ASSERT to CFLAGS. updated. bumped versi...
2005-03-14 Kjartan MaraasAdd patch for excessive memory consumption when opening...
2005-03-02 Kjartan MaraasAdd vtetree.[ch] Don't use a GArray but use calloc...
2004-04-30 Nalin Dahyabhaiassorted updates. check for <sys/termios.h> include...