2010-10-04 Christian PerschDistcheck with gtk 3 now
2010-10-01 Behdad EsfahbodWhitespace
2010-10-01 Behdad EsfahbodRemove unnecessary conditional
2010-10-01 Behdad Esfahbod[vteapp] Prefer $SHELL to /bin/sh
2010-09-30 Inaki Larranaga... Updated Basque language
2010-09-30 Gheyret KenjiAdded UG translation
2010-09-28 Behdad EsfahbodRevert "Revert 9370647823ce29c1088c351381a07a5506b74c84"
2010-09-28 Christian PerschUse gtk_widget_set_visual
2010-09-28 Christian PerschFix the gtk 2 build
2010-09-26 Christian PerschUse gdk_error_trap_pop_ignored
2010-09-26 Christian PerschDon't use gdk_drawable_get_size
2010-09-26 Christian PerschPort to latest rendering-cleanup-next branch
2010-09-26 Christian PerschUse cairo_copy_clip_rectangle_list() to recreate the...
2010-09-26 Christian PerschPort to GtkWidget::draw
2010-09-26 Christian PerschFix build with gtk 3 rendering cleanup branch
2010-09-26 Christian PerschPost branch version bump
2010-09-25 Lucian Adrian... Updated Romanian translation
2010-09-22 Yuri MyasoedovUpdated Russian translation
2010-09-21 Behdad EsfahbodRevert 9370647823ce29c1088c351381a07a5506b74c84
2010-09-20 Daniel S. KodaUpdated Brazilian Portuguese translation
2010-09-19 Wouter BolsterleeUpdated Dutch translation by Wouter Bolsterlee
2010-09-19 Kenneth NielsenUpdated Danish translation
2010-09-18 Francesco Marletta[l10n] Updated Italian translation
2010-09-14 Christian PerschDon't force VTE_SEAL_ENABLE on vte/gtk2
2010-09-13 Christian PerschClarify TERM env var handling with VtePty
2010-09-13 Christian PerschUse new gdk keysym names on gtk3
2010-09-13 Christian PerschUse -Bsymbolic-functions when available
2010-09-13 Christian PerschAdd --cursor-blink to vteapp
2010-09-13 Takayuki KUSANOUpdated Japanese translation.
2010-09-07 Piotr DrągUpdated Polish translation
2010-09-06 Christian PerschRemove unused variable
2010-09-06 Christian PerschUse correct variables for cleaning the gir data
2010-09-04 Michael KotsarinisUpdated Greek translation
2010-09-03 drtvUpdated Tamil translation
2010-09-01 Philip WithnallUpdate British English translation
2010-08-30 Gabor KelemenUpdated Hungarian translation
2010-08-29 Christian PerschDon't dist the gir and typelib 0.25.91
2010-08-29 Christian PerschVersion 0.25.91
2010-08-29 Christian PerschUse gtk_widget_style_attach
2010-08-26 Christian PerschDistcheck with gtk 2 but without introspection
2010-08-26 Bruno BrouardUpdated French translation
2010-08-24 Behdad EsfahbodReally fix Bug 601926 - Don't hardcode meta to alt
2010-08-23 Chao-Hsiung... Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and...
2010-08-22 Милош ПоповићUpdated Serbian translation
2010-08-22 Alexander ShopovUpdated Bulgarian translation
2010-08-22 Alexander ShopovUpdated Bulgarian translation
2010-08-22 David PlanellaUpdated Catalan translation
2010-08-21 Duarte LoretoUpdated Portuguese translation
2010-08-20 Saleem Abdulrasoolfix make check
2010-08-19 Behdad EsfahbodRevert "Bug 601926 - Don't hardcode meta to alt"
2010-08-19 Behdad EsfahbodIndent
2010-08-19 Kristian HøgsbergRemove leftover, unused GdkPixmpap variable
2010-08-16 Christian PerschDistcheck with --with-gtk=3.0 0.25.90
2010-08-16 Christian PerschOne more GSEAL fix
2010-08-16 Christian PerschVersion 0.25.90
2010-08-11 Behdad EsfahbodFix signdness warnings
2010-08-11 Behdad EsfahbodBug 626676 - Cleanup vte_terminal_determine_colors
2010-08-11 Behdad EsfahbodSimplify determine_colors more
2010-08-11 Behdad EsfahbodBug 621298 - Cursor invisible (plain black) in (xfce...
2010-08-11 Behdad EsfahbodRevert "Don't hide cursor even if cell is invisible"
2010-08-11 Behdad EsfahbodMinor
2010-08-11 Behdad EsfahbodMinor --help adjustment
2010-08-11 Christian PerschVary gettext domain for vte/gtk3
2010-08-10 Behdad EsfahbodEnsure vte-gtk-compat.h is included in the tarball
2010-08-10 Behdad EsfahbodEnsure decset, osc and window are included in the tarball
2010-08-10 Christian PerschDocs update
2010-08-08 Nils-Christoph... Updated LowGerman translation
2010-08-04 A S Alamupdate Translation in master for Punjabi by A S Alam
2010-08-04 DirgitaUpdated Indonesian translation
2010-07-25 Daniel NylanderUpdated Swedish translation
2010-07-22 Behdad EsfahbodBug 618097 - Broken backtab (cbt)
2010-07-22 Behdad EsfahbodAdd compat impl for gtk_accessible_get_widget()
2010-07-21 Fran DiéguezUpdated Galician translations
2010-07-16 Mario Blättermann[i18n] Updated German translation
2010-07-15 Kees CookFix terminal title reporting
2010-07-15 Christian PerschTiny configure fix
2010-07-15 Kristian HøgsbergStop using the gdk_draw_* API
2010-07-15 Kristian HøgsbergUse accessors for setting adjustment
2010-07-15 Kristian HøgsbergUse get accessors for adjustments
2010-07-15 Kristian HøgsbergAdd remaining accessors
2010-07-15 Kristian HøgsbergSeal VTE when VTE_SEAL_ENABLE is given, not GSEAL_ENABLE
2010-07-15 Kristian HøgsbergIntroduce compat macros for region differences
2010-07-15 Saleem AbdulrasoolUse accessors for gtk objects
2010-07-04 Kristjan SchmidtAdd Esperanto translation
2010-07-04 Kristjan SchmidtAdd Esperanto translation
2010-06-30 Behdad EsfahbodSimplify libtool versioning
2010-06-29 Aron XuUpdate Simplified Chinese translation.
2010-06-26 Khaled HosnyUpdated Arabic translation
2010-06-25 Behdad EsfahbodMinor comment fix.
2010-06-17 Behdad EsfahbodSet widget app_paintable.
2010-06-12 Christian PerschMake vte dual buildable with gtk2 and gtk3
2010-06-12 Behdad EsfahbodClean up background clearing
2010-06-04 Behdad EsfahbodBug 601926 - Don't hardcode meta to alt
2010-06-03 Matthias ClasenBug 620493 - strict aliasing warning
2010-05-29 Yaron ShahrabaniUpdated Hebrew translation.
2010-05-29 Yaron ShahrabaniUpdated Hebrew translation.
2010-05-27 Ivar SmolinEstonian translation updated
2010-05-26 Behdad EsfahbodBug 618749 - set terminal widget background color to...
2010-05-26 Behdad EsfahbodFix requires_clear setting
2010-05-23 Petr KovarUpdate Czech translation by Marek Cernocky