fractor application of rules in own function
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2009-05-10 Joachim Breitnerfractor application of rules in own function
2009-05-07 Joachim BreitnerEnforce a minimum angular distance between forks
2009-05-07 Joachim Breitnerhaskellisher style
2009-05-07 Joachim BreitnerSome non-syntactical checking of rules
2009-05-07 Joachim BreitnerAllow multiple branches
2009-05-07 Joachim BreitnerFix "GROW TO" grammar
2009-05-07 Joachim BreitnerRefactor: Simplify Plant datatype
2009-05-05 Joachim BreitnerIgnore validate via .gitignore
2009-05-05 Joachim Breitnerminor code golfing
2009-05-05 Joachim BreitnerLseed validator program
2009-05-03 Joachim Breitnerremove debug data from main.hs
2009-05-03 Joachim BreitnerGrammar parser
2009-04-23 Joachim BreitnerStipe width dependent on plant size
2009-04-23 Joachim BreitnerFaster growths for debugging
2009-04-19 Joachim BreitnerAdd AddBranch to Grammar
2009-04-19 Joachim BreitnerUse Grammar (testwise)
2009-04-19 Joachim BreitnerCompiler for GrammarRules to LSystemRules
2009-04-19 Joachim BreitnerDefined Data Type for Grammar files
2009-03-02 Joachim BreitnerNo data in Bud or Fork
2009-03-02 Joachim BreitnerMake LRules based on explicit Actions
2009-03-02 Joachim BreitnerLimit growth by cost of size^2
2009-03-02 Joachim BreitnerGroths depends on light
2009-03-02 Joachim BreitnerMore higher order functions
2009-03-02 Joachim BreitnerremainingGrowths
2009-03-02 Joachim Breitnertype synonyms for growing stuff
2009-02-23 Joachim Breitnerfix for gtk2hs-0.10.0
2009-02-18 Joachim Breitnersimplyfy graphics
2009-02-18 Joachim Breitnerproper time display
2009-02-18 Joachim Breitnercomplete comment
2009-02-18 Joachim Breitnerangle must not be horizontal, otherwise we get singular...
2009-02-18 Joachim BreitnerPlants are growing continuously now
2009-02-18 Joachim Breitnerremove debugging print
2009-02-11 Joachim Breitnerfactor out mapLine
2009-02-09 Joachim Breitneranother test garden
2009-02-09 Joachim BreitnerStore light information in original Garden, using ST...
2009-02-08 Joachim Breitnerremove debugging output
2009-02-08 Joachim Breitnerfix lineLength
2009-02-08 Joachim Breitneroutput plant size (code is getting ugly)
2009-02-08 Joachim Breitnermore general plant*Length functions
2009-02-08 Joachim BreitnerYellow border surrounding
2009-02-08 Joachim Breitnerentropia brainstorming
2009-02-08 Joachim BreitnerTraversable instance
2009-02-08 Joachim BreitnerFoldable instance
2009-02-08 Joachim BreitnerFunctor instances
2009-02-08 Joachim BreitnerAdd type variable to plants
2009-02-08 Joachim Breitnertypo
2009-02-08 Joachim Breitneravoid singular rays
2009-02-08 Joachim Breitnerfix sign
2009-02-07 Joachim Breitnerrotating sun (only visualization)
2009-02-07 Joachim Breitnershow light information
2009-02-07 Joachim Breitneradjust coordinate system
2009-02-07 Joachim Breitneryellow sky
2009-02-06 Joachim Breitnervolles licht über den pflanzen
2009-02-06 Joachim Breitnerarbitrary angles and lengths
2009-02-06 Joachim BreitnerCalculate and render light polygons
2009-02-06 Joachim Breitnergitignore file
2009-02-06 Joachim Breitnercalculate light intensity (slow, output ugly, but worki...
2009-02-06 Joachim Breitnerturn a plant into a list of lines
2009-02-05 Joachim BreitnerEs wächst (ein klein bisschen)