Document "Only show entry from start on when nothing is provided" in changelog
[darcs-mirror-screen-message.debian.git] / debian / control
2008-08-12 Joachim BreitnerBump standards version
2008-03-20 Joachim BreitnerInstall icon with menu file, call dh_icons
2007-12-03 mailDrop the XS- before Vcs-headers
2007-10-23 mailadd XS-Vcs-Browser header
2007-10-22 mailFix XS-Vcs-Darcs header spelling
2007-10-22 mailfix debhelper build dependency
2007-06-14 mailRename link to screen-message as well
2007-06-14 mailRename source to screen-message
2007-06-14 mailautomake + cdbs
2007-06-14 mailadd XS-VCS-Darc header
2007-06-14 mailImported sm-0.1