Debian changelog entry
[darcs-mirror-screen-message.debian.git] / sm.html
2015-10-22 Joachim Do not use white-space:nowrap, unbreaks...
2014-03-01 Timo can get confused by < in the text
2013-08-09 Joachim BreitnerFix darcs link
2013-05-15 chusiangremove chrome's input highlighting / focus border
2013-05-15 Yao Wei (魏銘廷)Full screen iOS webapp support
2013-05-15 chusiangremove resizing icon
2013-03-03 Joachim BreitnerAllow setting colors with ;f=blue and ;b=red
2013-03-03 Joachim BreitnerAdd <head> (as found on
2012-11-04 Joachim BreitnerReact on more events
2012-10-30 Joachim BreitnerWeb app installation
2011-06-30 Joachim BreitnerTypo
2011-06-30 Joachim BreitnerAdd flattr link
2011-06-20 Joachim BreitnerAdd copyright statement to sm.html
2011-03-01 Joachim BreitnerUse window.location.hash for the permanent link
2010-05-27 Joachim BreitnerAllow passing of text via #, provide permalink
2010-05-27 Joachim BreitnerAvoid javascript errors
2010-05-27 Joachim BreitnerRemove unused javascript variable
2010-03-28 Joachim BreitnerFix typo in packages.d.o URL
2009-11-27 Joachim BreitnerTypo
2009-11-27 Joachim BreitnerHTML-Version of screen-message