Add more sanity checking
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2014-10-07 Joachim BreitnerFix cmm code for GHC 7.8
2014-10-07 Joachim BreitnerFix Closure Type table
2014-01-24 Joachim BreitnerInitial work on GHC 7.7 compatibility
2013-03-22 Joachim BreitnerFix crashes by evaluating rawWords deeply enough
2012-11-02 Joachim BreitnerImplement reallyUnsafePtrEqualityUpToTag#
2012-10-30 dennisTrying to implement equality without tags
2012-09-05 Joachim BreitnerMore graceful behaviour in presence of unknown heap...
2012-05-18 Joachim BreitnerRemove assertion
2012-05-18 Joachim BreitnerMake clash-safe names
2012-04-30 dennisAdd closures I stumbled upon
2012-03-12 Joachim BreitnerUse aToInt#
2012-03-12 Joachim BreitnerInitial check-in