Emit "window_title_changed" and "icon_title_changed" when the titles change,
[vte.git] / configure.in
2002-03-11 Nalin DahyabhaiEmit "window_title_changed" and "icon_title_changed...
2002-03-10 Nalin DahyabhaiDon't check for pango because we never call pango directly.
2002-02-27 Nalin Dahyabhai- Add sub-optimal Xft rendering (set VTE_USE_XFT to...
2002-02-25 Nalin Dahyabhaitree fixups
2002-02-25 Nalin Dahyabhaifix autoconf reference file problem
2002-02-25 Nalin Dahyabhairename configure.ac to configure.in, remove 2.5isms