Bind F10 to "k;", not "k0". Add "k;" defined as F10.
[vte.git] / vte.spec
2002-06-26 Nalin DahyabhaiBind F10 to "k;", not "k0". Add "k;" defined as F10. vte_0_4_5
2002-06-26 Nalin DahyabhaiCheck for redundant resizes. Keep the alternate screen...
2002-06-25 Nalin DahyabhaiTreat option 1049 as a combination of 1047 and 1048... vte_0_4_4
2002-06-19 Nalin DahyabhaiFix package description.
2002-06-19 Nalin DahyabhaiFix refs/derefs with IOChannels and sources. Clean...
2002-06-18 Nalin Dahyabhai0.4.2 vte_0_4_2
2002-06-18 Nalin DahyabhaiSort out greedy vs. non-greedy pattern matching. Make... vte_0_4_1
2002-06-14 Nalin Dahyabhaimove the python module to the non-devel package vte_0_4_0
2002-06-14 Nalin DahyabhaiOops, shell typo.
2002-06-14 Nalin DahyabhaiAdd a parameter for passing in environment variables...
2002-06-14 Nalin DahyabhaiBuild python bindings with -fPIC.
2002-06-14 Nalin Dahyabhai0.3.30
2002-06-10 Nalin DahyabhaiFinish merging otaylor's Xft2 patch (oops). Compute...
2002-06-10 Nalin Dahyabhai0.3.28 vte_0_3_28
2002-06-10 Nalin DahyabhaiCenter characters in their cells, caching their extents...
2002-06-10 Nalin Dahyabhai0.3.27 vte_0_3_27
2002-06-07 Nalin DahyabhaiCheck for pangoxft with Xft1 or Xft2, hopefully getting... vte_0_3_26
2002-06-05 Nalin Dahyabhai1.3.25 vte_0_3_25
2002-06-03 Nalin DahyabhaiTweak handling of invalid multibyte characters, prevent... vte_0_3_24
2002-05-31 Nalin DahyabhaiFinish switching iconv to g_iconv. I think this was... vte_0_3_23
2002-05-29 Nalin DahyabhaiAlways free the segment when freeing arrays and strings. vte_0_3_22
2002-05-28 Nalin DahyabhaiFix cb() and ce() when the cursor is on a line without... vte_0_3_21
2002-05-24 Nalin DahyabhaiCall libtoolize. (#82836) Fix stupid segfault in set_sc... vte_0_3_20
2002-05-21 Nalin Dahyabhai0.3.19 vte_0_3_19
2002-05-17 Nalin DahyabhaiTry multiple versions of automake, just in case. Fix...
2002-05-16 Nalin DahyabhaiSnip trailing whitespace off of copied lines, insert...
2002-05-15 Nalin DahyabhaiSend kI on insert key. Don't send drag events when... vte_0_3_16
2002-05-14 Nalin DahyabhaiDon't send motion-tracking events to the child unless... vte_0_3_15
2002-05-14 Nalin DahyabhaiDon't try to draw nul characters. vte_0_3_14
2002-05-14 Nalin DahyabhaiAdd "ALL" as a debug flag, aliased to everything. Print... vte_0_3_13
2002-05-09 Nalin DahyabhaiFixes to usage of iconv, from otaylor. Remap characters...
2002-05-08 Nalin DahyabhaiImplement mouse button events and motion-event and...
2002-05-06 Nalin DahyabhaiHide the mouse cursor when we get keyboard events.... vte_0_3_10
2002-05-06 Nalin DahyabhaiStart handling mouse button down / button up events. vte_0_3_9
2002-05-06 Nalin DahyabhaiFinish implementing window-manipulation sequences....
2002-05-03 Nalin DahyabhaiExport a vte_termcap_strip() function for preprocessing... vte_0_3_7
2002-05-02 Nalin Dahyabhai0.3.6 vte_0_3_6
2002-05-02 Nalin Dahyabhaifix parsing of octal codes which start with "1" instead... vte_0_3_5
2002-05-02 Nalin DahyabhaiFix a crashbug due to mismatch between parent field... vte_0_3_4
2002-05-02 Nalin DahyabhaiRework trie matching to return the address of the chara... vte_0_3_3
2002-05-01 Nalin DahyabhaiTry @pkgdatadir@/termcap/$TERM when reading termcap... vte_0_3_2
2002-04-30 Nalin DahyabhaiDisconnect from toplevel configure events at finalize... vte_0_3_1
2002-04-30 Nalin DahyabhaiTrack and free idle task tags properly. Change F11... vte_0_3
2002-04-29 Nalin DahyabhaiHandle kb by treating it as a backspace. Make pangox... vte_0_2_2
2002-04-26 Nalin Dahyabhai0.2.1 vte_0_2 vte_0_2_1
2002-04-26 Nalin DahyabhaiRun autogen before tagging so that the tag is always...
2002-04-25 Nalin DahyabhaiAdd the changelog. vte_0_1
2002-04-25 Nalin DahyabhaiInclude pkgconfig files in the package.
2002-04-05 Nalin DahyabhaiAdd less useless descriptions. Fix an uninitialized...
2002-03-09 Nalin DahyabhaiAdd a .spec file (make dist; rpm -ts vte*.tar.gz; rpm...