2002-03-04 Nalin DahyabhaiSend the slave pty's erase character when the user...
2002-03-04 Nalin DahyabhaiDraw cursors to fill the entire cell.
2002-03-04 Nalin Dahyabhaistop using wcsnlen, which is a GNU extension
2002-03-04 Nalin DahyabhaiAdd support for the line-drawing characters in the...
2002-03-04 Nalin DahyabhaiProperly differentiate insertion delta (working screen...
2002-02-28 Nalin DahyabhaiMake the Xft support use long-lived data items.
2002-02-27 Nalin Dahyabhaiactually hook up the nd handler to the "nd" sequence
2002-02-27 Nalin Dahyabhai- Add sub-optimal Xft rendering (set VTE_USE_XFT to...
2002-02-25 Nalin Dahyabhaidistcheck fixes
2002-02-25 Nalin Dahyabhaiadd that line-drawing does not work to README
2002-02-25 Nalin Dahyabhaitree fixups
2002-02-25 Nalin Dahyabhaifix autoconf reference file problem
2002-02-25 Nalin Dahyabhairemove stuff which should never have been added
2002-02-25 Nalin Dahyabhairename configure.ac to configure.in, remove 2.5isms
2002-02-25 Nalin Dahyabhairemove stuff that should never have been in there
2002-02-25 Nalin Dahyabhaiimported from private cvs start
2002-02-25 Nalin DahyabhaiInitial revision