2012-05-29 Jacques-Pascal... Remove a segfault when passing null in tag argument vte-next
2012-05-29 Christian Perschtable: Move GValueArray existence check/creation out...
2012-05-29 Christian Perschemulation: Limit repetitions
2012-05-29 Christian Perschemulation: Limit integer arguments to 65535
2012-05-29 Christian Perschkeymap: Treat ALT as META
2012-04-24 Christian Perschvala: Add vte VAPI
2012-04-24 Christian Perschintrospection: Fix annotation typos
2012-04-20 Jason ContiUse top_srcdir/top_builddir in DOC_SOURCE_DIR
2012-04-17 Christian Perschvteapp: Fix -Wdeprecated-declarations warnings
2012-04-17 Christian Perschvteapp: Don't use IMMEDIATE resize mode
2012-04-17 Christian Perschall: Fix redefinition warnings
2012-04-17 Christian Perschbuild: Remove vte-uninstalled pkg-config file
2012-04-17 Christian Perschbuild: Remove duplicated lines
2012-04-17 Christian Perschbuild: Require latest stable glib version
2012-04-16 Anders Kaseorgemulation: Fix off-by-one error in interpretation of...
2012-03-27 Pavel Vasin_vte_draw_set_text_font(): fix PangoContext leak if...
2012-03-27 Christian Perschpty: Fix custom child setup function
2012-03-09 Christian Perschintrospection: Fix annotation thinko
2012-03-08 Evan Nemersonbuild: Include pkg-config and include info in the GIR
2012-03-08 Gert Michael... Explicitly set GDK_SCROLL_MASK as recent gtk+ versions...
2012-03-08 Martin Pieuchotpty: Support allocating PTYs through openpty on BSD
2012-03-08 Markus Duftbuild: Add fallback for round on interix
2012-03-08 Christian Perschintrospection: Add missing annotation
2012-03-08 Alban Browaeysbuild: Fix missing bracked
2012-03-08 Christian Perschbuild: Disable warnings about non-portable constructs
2012-02-24 Vincent Untzgnome-pty-helper: Respect SUID_CFLAGS and SUID_LDFLAGS
2012-02-16 Christian Perschbuild: Disable glib deprecation warnings
2012-02-15 Christian Perschfixup! Use a GResource for our default termcap
2012-02-15 Christian PerschUse a GResource for our default termcap
2011-11-18 Christian Perschbuild: Add more compiler warnings
2011-11-09 Egmont KoblingerAdd urxvt extended mouse tracking mode support
2011-10-31 Christian PerschFix most -Wunused-but-set-variable warnings
2011-10-31 Christian Perschintrospection: Fix GIR and typelib installation paths
2011-10-31 Christian Perschbuild: Remove VTE_PC_VERSION define
2011-10-31 Christian Perschintrospection: Include C include file and exported...
2011-10-31 Christian Perschbuild: Use better autoconf macros to detect compiler...
2011-10-30 Christian PerschDon't use the deprecated GtkHBox
2011-10-30 Christian PerschDon't warn on deprecated GCache
2011-10-30 Christian PerschReplace deprecated gdk_cursor_{ref,unref} by g_object_...
2011-10-30 Dan Winshipvte: use gtk_drag_check_threshold()
2011-10-30 Evan NemersonAdd missing (closure) annotation on VteSelectionFunc
2011-10-30 Christian Perschfixup! Bump API version
2011-08-28 Christian Perschfixup! Add VteBuffer
2011-08-28 Christian Perschfixup! 876b6276d7a306d07d6b8babbdf3b1e607d4a4b0
2011-06-23 Christian PerschFix constness
2011-06-22 Christian PerschConstify branchpoint-vte-next
2011-06-22 Christian PerschRemove Since: markers from API docs
2011-06-22 Christian PerschStore the screen in the VteBufferIter too
2011-06-22 Christian PerschAdd padding to class struct
2011-06-22 Christian PerschRemove public char_{width,height} accessors
2011-06-22 Christian PerschUse gtk_window_resize_to_geometry
2011-06-22 Christian PerschMake resize-window signal cell based
2011-06-22 Christian PerschAdd vte_view_match_check_{event,iter} and vte_view_iter...
2011-06-22 Christian PerschRemove unused variables
2011-06-22 Christian PerschRemove bg_update_pending handling
2011-06-22 Christian PerschRemove scroll-background property
2011-06-22 Christian PerschRemove background pattern
2011-06-22 Christian PerschRemove obsolete m4 macros
2011-06-22 Christian PerschAdd vte_view_get_geometry_hints
2011-06-22 Christian PerschRemove unused includes
2011-06-22 Christian PerschDon't create a buffer in vte_view_init
2011-06-22 Christian PerschMake soname nicer
2011-06-22 Christian PerschRename
2011-06-22 Christian PerschRename array
2011-06-22 Christian PerschRename function
2011-06-22 Christian PerschRemove unused local vars
2011-06-22 Christian PerschMove method to VteBuffer
2011-06-22 Christian PerschMove contents-changed signal to VteBuffer
2011-06-22 Christian Persch[CVE-2011-2198] Limit insert-blank-characters
2011-06-22 Christian PerschUse g_utf8_to_ucs4 to convert the word-chars
2011-06-18 Christian Perschvteapp: Add option to specify the word-chars property
2011-06-18 Christian PerschSplit VteBufferPrivate and VteTerminalPrivate
2011-06-18 Christian PerschMore decoupling
2011-06-18 Christian PerschRename
2011-06-18 Christian PerschFix exports
2011-06-18 Christian PerschAdd match flags for search regex
2011-06-18 Christian PerschMake search safe for NULL buffer
2011-06-18 Christian PerschAdd get_selection_bounds
2011-06-18 Christian PerschMove code from static func to the only place it's used
2011-06-18 Christian PerschAdd dummy set_buffer
2011-06-18 Christian PerschMore decoupling of buffer and view
2011-06-18 Christian PerschRemove stray semicolon
2011-06-18 Christian PerschDecouple buffer and view in vteseq.c
2011-06-18 Christian PerschMake size_allocate safe for NULL buffer
2011-06-18 Christian PerschMake get_preferred_{width,height} safe for NULL buffer
2011-06-18 Christian PerschRemove vte_terminal_{copy,paste}_primary
2011-06-18 Christian PerschRename
2011-06-18 Christian PerschMake drawing cope with NULL buffer
2011-06-18 Christian PerschAdd VteBufferIter
2011-06-18 Christian PerschMove bell signal to VteBuffer
2011-06-18 Christian PerschMove method to VteBuffer
2011-06-18 Christian PerschMove method to VteBuffer
2011-06-18 Christian PerschMove methods to VteBuffer
2011-06-18 Christian PerschMove methods to VteBuffer
2011-06-18 Christian PerschMove method to VteBuffer
2011-06-18 Christian PerschMove vteseq.c methods to VteBuffer
2011-06-18 Christian PerschMove method to VteBuffer
2011-06-18 Christian PerschMove method to VteBuffer
2011-06-18 Christian PerschMove method to VteBuffer
2011-06-18 Christian PerschMove method to VteBuffer